Lila L Gyanto MC-TV Presenter Batch 64 Tahun 2014

What I feel and I gained after joining the “MC and TV Presenter Class at TalkInc” :

I’ve heard a lot about TalkInc since years ago, and been meaning to join the class, but I didn’t get a chance to start right away. When I finally was able to join the “MC and TV Presenter Class” Batch… (aku kok lupa ya, batch 64 kalo gak salah), I felt so excited. 8 times of 4-hours-class each Saturday was never been boring to me. Each facilitator had a different style of coaching and made us enrich our knowledge and ability. I was glad that we got so many practices to speak in front of the class as an MC and/or TV Presenter and got a review from the teacher. Dave Hendrik was one of my favorite teacher during the course, he was, not only funny, but gave us straight forward comments that helped us a lot to be a better MC/Presenter.

After passing the course, I became more confident in speaking as an MC. I used to be an MC for many years, but I was aware that I had a lack of vocabulary to be spoken out loud. Now, I am as ready as a bullet to be shot in public. Thank you so much TalkInc. It’s a highly recommended place to learn to be an MC and/or TV Presenter. Keep up the good work, TalkInc, including finding the good and competent facilitators!!

Here are my pictures of being the MC (some of them were conducted in bilingual – English & bahasa Indonesia) :