TALKINC facilitators came to the place where I currently work three times at three different periods. However, for some reasons, I didn’t manage to attend those three sessions. In order to catch up, I read the slides which were presented during those three sessions. Surprisingly, most of the slides are not self-explanatory. My mind automatically made assumptions to fill in the missing information, but at the same time, I doubted my own assumptions. To figure out the hidden meanings behind the few words written in the presentation slides (as well as to improve my communication skills), I registered for the Offline Professional Public Speaking Batch 89 (“PS89”) class.

On my first day at TALKINC Class, I received a book which elaborates the few words that I previously read in the presentation slides. Besides, the book also mentions that well prepared presentations have three components (i.e. speakers, audiences, and tools) that work in synergy with each other which answers the reason why TalkInc purposely prepared such kind of presentation slides. This synergy concept was discussed by Kak Edo in the “The Overview of Public Speaking” session, was further explained by Kak Aurellio in the “How to Create Impressive Presentation Slides” session, and was consistently applied by the facilitators assigned for PS89 class where they maintained engagement with the students exceptionally well and utilized presentation slides as a supporting tool to share their valuable knowledge.

After attending the entire nine sessions, I realized that I gained not only knowledge but also memorable experiences. As such, for me, the synergy concept is one of the most impactful materials that I learned from Public Speaking Batch 89 class at TALKINC as it can differentiate one speaker from another.

Written by: Helsya
Public Speaking 89 Class