I recalled joining week end class “Speaking Impressively” in September 2015. I completed 3 (three) encounters and by the time the course’s ended, I learnt that the modules are to assist the development of communication competence. It gives guidance on how we choose the words for appropriate use; how we should set the tone when we share ideas to public, etc. I enjoyed learning them all. I see myself as a person who feels very uncomfortable being in ‘a spotlight’. For me, speaking in public can be downright terrifying. Lately, after a thorough consideration, I decide to engage in another session of Public Speaking class.

Each week, whenever I have completed a module, I began to recognize that taking public speaking class has some surprising benefits. I can practice what I have learnt then get feedback from others on the same day. I gained responses, comments from TALKINC. facilitators and those are the most valuable parts to enhance my communication skill in front of the public. When I was nearly completed all the modules, one of TALKINC facilitator gave a resourceful feedback to us the more often we speak, the faster we learn. Slow, steady and continuous improvement is the goal, not an overnight miracle”. That advice has now become ‘my own mantra’. Thank you TALKINC.

Wed, March 30, 2016
Agnes Hesti Rahayu –Regular Class Public Speaking Batch 49