Welcome to TALKincorporation

TALKinc is a school for TV Presenter, MC, and those who love to build their communication skills. We are specializing in helping young generations, talented people, and professionals to be able to express their words and performance with confidence, present their thoughts by speaking impressively and at the same time build their brand image in a total look.

TALKinc is also a partner for organization/company in developing competencies of their employees, especially in Mastering Presentation and Public Speaking skills.

Our team has extensive hands on experience in their fields as a TV and Radio Personality, Master of Ceremony in formal or non formal events, inspiring Public Speaker, a professional in psychology and communication area, and also a fashion and grooming expertise.

TALKinc builds strong partnership with media industry that brings valuable advantages to the students and clients, and also positioned as a role model in presenting new talents in entertainment industry as well as Public Speaking field; to stimulate creativity and intellectuality in a broad sense to public area.

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