In House Training

Mastering Presentation

Beautiful mind and critical thinking in presentation

  • How to Boost your Confidence & Great Self Esteem
  • Determine the objectives
  • Assess your audience
  • Develop the blue print of your performance that move minds

How to build your speech

  • The never-fail formula
  • Smart techniques for the opening, the body of your speech,

and the conclusion

Total Performance

  • Impressive Body Language & Facial Expression
  • How to add color, rhythm, pace and emotion

Individual Presentation & Review

Audio video recording

Public Speaking

Your backstage preparation

  • Determine the objective
  • How to boost your confidence
  • Asses your audience

How to research and build a speech

  • Approach the topic from the audience’s perspective
  • Impressive introduction and powerful closing
  • How to add color, rhythm, pace and emotion

Professional Appearance

  • How to build your personal Brand

Individual presentation & Review

Dealing with Media

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Determine the objectives
  • Asses what could go wrong

The formula as speech

  • Create astonishing grabber as a mind catching
  • Make every word count

How to hammer out the goal

  • Recognize audience’s agenda

How to handle special problems in Q&A session

  • The power of short answer
  • How to use a bridging response
  • Dealing with hostile question

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Video in-house training

1. Seminar bersama CIMB NIAGA