Erwin Parengkuan is a Managing Director and Facilitator of TALKinc as well as a certified Professional Coach with extensive experience in the field of communication for more than two decades. He started his career as Radio Presenter back in late 1989 and he was one of the creative team members of Prambors Radio in that period of year. His Career in Entertainment Industry has been going extraordinary well that leads to the opening of communication school together with his colleague Becky Tumewu in year 2004.
Erwin’s expertise in coaching and training has improved many of his apprentices in a variety of communication elements such as presentation skills, vocal controlling, boosting confident, how to dress-up and assess others’ character and personality (based on one of his books ‘Click!’)
Erwin has now become the most reputable public speaker with his continuous success in delivering best advise as Personal Branding Specialist for CEO’s from different types of industry, company owners, politicians, government officials, and public figure.
His value in sharing the knowledge to everyone eventually encourages him to become a writer and 2 national best seller books have been produced which are Talkinc Points (2008) and Smart Eating (2012). Moreover, he had won an International Award from Gourmand and World Cookbook 2014.
Finally, the father of 4 children who like to cook and gardening has a motto, ‘life is a self-actualization’.