Dear All,

Sudah siap mengikuti kelas di TALKinc Sabtu ini?

Berikut adalah jadwal kelas beserta materi yang akan dibawakan besok.

1. KELAS BARU. Professional Public Speaking batch 21 with Willy Priyoko.

Encounter 1:

a. Public Speaking: The Overview

b. Profile-mapping (audio-video recording)

2. Professional Public Speaking batch 20 with Adinda Djoko S.

Encounter 8:

a. The use and abuse of audio visual aids

b. Creating your impressive presentation slides

3. Professional MC-TV Presenter batch 39 with Novita Angie.

Encounter 8:

a. Talkshow I

b. Talkshow II

4. Professional MC-TV Presenter batch 40 with Lala Takudung.

Encounter 5:

a. Interviewing and handling question

b. Handling your audience

5. Professional MC-TV Presenter batch 41 with Ivy Batuta.

Encounter 2:

a. A to Z from backstage to center stage

b. Building synergy with your stakeholder

6. Elementary Boosting Your Confidence batch 15 with Baby Jim Aditya.

Encounter 2:

a. Building your self-confidence

b. Overcoming your fear

7. Elementary Speaking Impressively batch 17 with Nadia Ardhiwinata.

Encounter 2:

a. Effective communication

b. Keep it clear and simple

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